PCL Injuries are not as common as ACL injuries and usually occur as a result of a sports injury or an accident, when the knee is bent and the shin is suddenly forced in opposite direction caused by the impact.

Patients with PCL injuries generally will experience knee pain and swelling almost immediately after the knee injury. You may also experience instability in the knee joint, knee stiffness and difficulty in walking.

PCL Injury Causes

PCL injuries commonly are accompanied by another knee ligament and meniscus damage. PCL injury is usually a result of serious knee trauma and should be seen by a orthopaedic immediately. Rugby players and others, who play football or basketball are more likely to have this type of injury. Injuring your PCL takes a lot of force and the following are the most common causes of PCL injury:

  • Getting hit very hard on the front of your knee.
  • Falling hard on a bent knee.
  • Bending your knee too far backward (aka hyperflexion).
  • Landing the wrong way after a jump.
  • Dislocating your entire knee joint.

PCL Injury symptoms

When PCL injury occurs, you may experience a wide range of symptoms:

  • Pain that gets worse over time.
  • Swelling and inflammation of the knee joint.
  • A feeling of instability in your knee.
  • Stiffness in the knee joint.
  • Difficulty walking.
  • Trouble going down the stairs.

PCL Injury Diagnosis

PCL problems can be acute or chronic. Acute PCL problems are due to a sudden injury. Chronic PCL problems involve an injury that gets worse over time.

PCL injury can cause mild to severe damage. Orthopaedic doctors classify PCL injuries by these groups:

  • Grade I - The PCL has a partial tear.
  • Grade II - The ligament is partially torn and is looser than in Grade I.
  • Grade III - The ligament is completely torn and the knee becomes unstable.
  • Grade IV - The PCL is damaged along with another ligament in the knee.

PCL Injury Treatment

Depending on the severity of your PCL injury, below PCL treatments might help you get better:

  • Crutches - Orthopaedic surgeon may recommend using crutches to limit the weight you put on your knee joint.
  • Knee Brace - Bracing your knee can help with instability, a common PCL symptom.
  • Physical Therapy - Certain exercises can help strengthen and stabilize your knee joint.
  • ACL Reconstruction Surgery - If PCL injury is severe, surgery may be necessary for full rehabilitation. In most cases, knee arthroscopy is performed to reconstruct your PCL ligament. This procedure is less invasive compared to traditional surgical methods.

Dr. Miano is an expert in minimally invasive arthroscopic PCL surgeries in Kenya.

PCL Reconstruction Surgery

pcl injury nairobi

PCL Reconstruction

PCL reconstruction surgery is an arthroscopic procedure, which means that orthopaedic surgeon will insert tools and a camera through incisions around your knee. Dr. Miano is an expert in minimally invasive arthroscopic PCL reconstruction surgeries…


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