Sports Medicine doctor treats athletes and non-athletes alike. Dr. Miano is highly trained to treat injuries to your musculoskeletal system, which includes your bones, muscles and joints. He can perform minimally invasive surgical options for sports injuries to treat several conditions like sprains, strains, tears and breaks.

Sports Medicine is for injuries related to sports and depends on the intensity, area and kind of injury that occurred. The Sports Medicine doctor will initially get all the physical tests done that will clear your movements and any deformities. Only in the case of serious condition, you will require to go through a surgery. Otherwise, it can be treated with the help of physiotherapy.

If you have a Knee, Hip, Elbow and Shoulder pain, the orthopaedist might inquire about your usual activities of daily nature, your medical history, physical tests such as how well can you move your leg in different directions and check if there is any kind of swelling, pain or visible bruising.

Orthopaedic doctor might also further ask you to go through specific imaging tests such as X-ray, CT scan, Ultrasound and MRI.

sports injuries kenya

Sports Injuries

Sports Injuries refer to the kinds of injuries that occur during sports or exercise activities, but not necessarily limited to athletes. As an experienced Sports Medicine Doctor in Nairobi, Dr. Miano provides conservative, minimally invasive and…


sprains and strains in kenya

Sprains and Strains

Sprains are ligament injuries (the bands of tissue that connect two bones) resulting from wrenching or twisting a joint. Strains are injuries to a muscle or tendon (the band of tissue that attaches a muscle to a bone) and are often caused by overuse…


orthopaedic trauma nairobi kenya


Trauma injuries can happen to anyone. If you suffered a break, fracture, tear or dislocation, it is essential that you are treated by an orthopaedic trauma specialist as soon as possible. As Trauma Orthopedic in Nairobi, Dr. Miano has vast…


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