The Hip Joint is a ball and socket joint that is the point of articulation between the head of the femur and the acetabulum of the pelvis. The joint is a diarthrodial joint with its inherent stability dictated primarily by its osseous components/articulations. The primary function of the hip joint is to provide dynamic support to the weight of the body/trunk while facilitating force and load transmission from the axial skeleton to the lower extremities, allowing mobility.

Dr. Miano is an experienced hip joint specialist in Nairobi, who has performed numerous hip replacement procedures in Kenya.

Hip Joint Conditions

hip labral tear kenya

Hip Labral Tear

Hip Labral Tear is an injury to the labrum, the soft tissue around the socket of your hip. A hip labrum tear can be caused by injury, structural problems or degenerative issues. A hip labral tear can be treated nonsurgically or in severe cases you…


Hip Joint Procedures

hip replacement surgery in kenya

Hip Replacement

Hip Replacement Surgery in Kenya is also known as hip arthroplasty. Orthopaedic surgeon would replace your full hip or parts of it with an implant. Dr. Miano will only recommend a hip replacement surgery after all conservative treatments are…


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