PCL Reconstruction is surgery to rebuild a torn Posterior Cruciate Ligament in your knee. PCL tears occur due to trauma, such as car accidents, or falling on the knee when bent. They are common sports related injuries and usually cause severe pain.

PCL reconstruction surgery is an arthroscopic procedure, which means that orthopaedic surgeon will insert tools and a camera through incisions around your knee. It helps to heal quicker and results in less scarring than other open knee surgeries. If your PCL injury is severe, your orthopaedic doctor may recommend open surgery. This requires a large incision in your knee.

Do you need PCL surgery?

Most people don’t need surgery to fix a torn PCL. But you might need it if other ligaments in the knee have also been injured or damaged. Orthopaedic doctor will advice you if surgery is necessary course of action for you. Patients with below conditions are more likely to be in need of PCL reconstruction surgery.

  • PCL injuries in which pieces of bone have torn off and loose.
  • Knee Injuries involving more than one ligament.
  • Chronic PCL looseness that causes pain and instability, especially in sports athletes.

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